GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 35

P R O F I L E Pop Tell us about your journey. When did you realise your interest and passion for Michael Jackson and what made you continue on such a niche path? Since 9 years of age, I have been dancing and tearing my shoes either on roads, street or stages. During my school, I used to participate in dance, singing, writing, drawing and other creative activities. Once I danced on Michael’s track “Smooth Criminal,” that is when I realised that I am good at it and hence continue to chase my passion. What made me embark this path of my dream, and push my limits further, was pure and simple love for Michael Jackson. I work hard on my vocals and have not had any sort of physical modification. What is it about Michael Jackson that inspires you? His genius of work overall. Be it dance, singing, wardrobe, creative ideas, humanitarian work but on top of all, his humbleness being the superstar and the entertainer that he was. He broke every boundary, made a remarkable history and showed the world to believe in dreams and be humble when one gets the reward. How has the response been and what is your most memorable performance till date? The response of the public has been indescribable, unbelievable and unimaginable. I had never thought that I could put smiles on so many faces and get a high calibre of respect and recognition. I highly respect every person in the audience, who gives his time to watch me. When I see a sea of people, I sometimes get teary eyed for their love and response. I value it wholeheartedly. The most memorable performance for me was when I had performed “Man In The Mirror” live, the same way Michael did on his Dangerous tour in Munich, Germany in 1993. It was live with backing track for 8 minutes and I tried to justify his name. After the show, a couple came to me to tell me that watching Michael Jackson live in concert was their biggest dream and I had made their