GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 34

P R O F I L E Mudassar Jackson bringing alive the King of Crowd screaming; the anticipation of seeing their idol live; and finally that moment when that silhouette appears making everything else insignificant. A description very famously related to a phenomenon that conquered a music genre on its own, introduced some killer dance moves along with an authentic wardrobe and left a legacy that will not be forgotten for a very long time: Michael Jackson the King of Pop. Be it the half-time at the Super Bowl in 1993 or the 25 year Motown label anniversary performance in 1983, which marked the debut of the King's trademark moonwalk, the emotions surging through are palpable even via my 13 inch laptop screen. His effect is such that it is no surprise to see people imitate his style and dance till date. The long hair underneath the fedora hat and the iconic silver glove is seen to be copied the most by those remembering him. This gave birth to a long list of tribute artists who very successfully don their idol's identity. Amongst them is Mudassar Jackson, a Michael Jackson tribute artist based in Dubai. He has gained immense recognition in this field, bagging himself quite a few awards. Seeing his uncanny transformation into the King of Pop, one can safely say he's on top of his game. We got a chance to speak to him and learn all about his journey and what's next for Mudassar Jackson. Text By Hibba Amin