GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 31

C E L E B R I T Y Is it difficult to shop for Urwa? What are some easy gifts to give her that you are sure she will love? I think the hardest thing to do is to get gifts for her whenever I am coming back home. She is very picky so what we do is we Facetime together when I am shopping for her before coming back and that way she’s shopping with me in real time. It works! right people have come into the business. I expect it to become the biggest industry in the country. Investors will follow, budgets will go up and more cinemas will come into being. I really think the world should look out for our film industry and how fast its emerging. Pakistan will witness great times in film and TV in the next ten years. Coming back to your work, your latest project, Suno Chanda, was quite a hit. Did you expect it would go this big? No, we didn’t. We gave it everything we had and more. It wasn’t easy. It was back to back for 30 days. It was one of the most difficult projects to carry out as a team. However, the director Ahsan Talish, all the actors and crew were on the same page and we were all equally motivated. When we saw the results it was completely worth it. We expected some fruits but we werent expecting it to get this big. Even we didn’t see that coming. From music to acting, what does the future hold for Farhan Saeed? I am sure it holds both music and acting as I am enjoying both exceptionally. I have never felt better in my career and both disciplines complement each other perfectly. I am loving it. It’s going to remain the same. Who are your favourite musicians or bands and what is currently on your playlist? I really like rock music and pop rock as well. I like Led Zeppelin, What do you think was the unique selling point of this Guns n Roses, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, of course. There are too project? many to name. I love Pakistani eastern music, and some of my I think there were quite a few. The most important would be the favourite musicians from the area are Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, chemistry that I, Iqra and Ahsan had. Ghulam Ali and Fareed Ayaz. Right now, my playlist is mostly a mix of eastern and western. The director is the captain of the ship. The script was tricky. It was too easy to get it wrong and have it mixed up with just everyday Are you following any TV shows? If yes, which one? comedies and cheesy banter. I think how it got executed, the I don’t get a lot of time honestly but sometimes a light comedy situations, the timings, it was spot on and it worked. can help me kick back. Even so, I am unable to binge watch. I can watch an episode or two at max. I spent my college years In times when tragedy is so popular to sell, 'Suno Chanda' was enjoying Friends. Recently I watched a little Game of Thrones very refreshing because it was very different from what had been and Breaking Bad. They are both great. going on. Everyone did brilliant. The main selling point was the collective hard work of the team, especially the director. What inspires you? Mostly it’s an innate sense of doing more and I can’t thank God How did you and the team celebrate its success? enough for this motivation and drive. I feel if people respect you By the seventh episode, we realised it had become a huge deal and appreciate you for what you do, you owe it to them to get and every day on set was an adventure for that reason. We would better and of course, you owe it to yourself too. Since day one celebrate daily but it was still a race against time because we were I have had the same energy regardless of what I set out to do. I shooting every day and airing the next. So, we didn’t have a lot of can’t be thankful enough. time set out to celebrate, but we were all very happy. If you could see one change in the world for the next Udaari and Suno Chanda are two of the biggest milestones generation, what would you hope it to be? in your career if you MUST pick one, which one would it be A more just Pakistan, where the opportunity to strive for greatness and why? is not stolen from anyone. Especially the youth. They need all the I can’t pick one. 'Udaari' was a great learning experience. It made support they can get from their environment. me realise how important it is to personalise your characters. Whatever I did in 'Suno Chanda' was a result of my lessons from Pakistan is an exceptionally talented country and it's sad for me Udaari. Suno Chanda brought me a lot of recognition as an actor. to realise that thousands of young people are not able to pursue Hence, they are both special in their own way. their passion and exploit their talent the way they should be able to. I really want this to change. What do you think about the latest work happening in the Pakistani drama and film industry? Any message for our readers? Pakistani dramas are huge wherever the language is understood. Never stop believing in yourself. Never stop hoping. Never doubt I did a show in Thailand and even there, Indians and Pakistanis yourself. Once you get all of this done, tell yourself no amount could not get enough of 'Suno Chanda.' So, the reach is of belief can help if you don’t work hard. Work harder every day phenomenal. of your life. Not just one day or one week. Consistency is key. When you witness the fruit of your labours, thank God for the I feel the film industry is also going in the right direction. The opportunity that has been given to you to become your best self. 31