GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 29

The two of you belong to an industry which takes a large chunk of your time. Is there any advice you would like to give couples who may be in a similar situation? Of course, it does. Sometimes she is working sometimes I am away for days. It often becomes hard to catch up with each other as husband and wife. At the same time, it's very charming to catch up. It's like a date every time we spend some time together after a while. The best advice is to remain friends before anything else. There’s nothing we don’t talk about. For me being with my wife is like being with the greatest of friends so it's very comfortable and naturally easy. I think all couples should do the same. Do you think engaged or married actors and actresses are treated any different from ones who are single? No, I don’t think so. Not in Pakistan at least. Even in Bollywood, actors are getting married. The world is maturing in this regard. I think it’s just a myth that marriage changes things. I don’t think it does. Even the ones who aren’t married are planning to do so. You should just be focused on keeping your professional and personal lives separate, it should not be bothersome or concerning. Who has given you the best advice in terms of relationship and work so far? What was the advice? I can’t really say. I think we are both lucky and mature. We know how to take the relationship forward. We just figured we had to be best friends. Career wise we advise each other a lot and she has definitely given me some of the best ones. My father once sat me down to talk to me about working in music. He said no matter what I do I should be the best at it. As time passes by you realise in retrospect what words mean and how much value they hold, especially from parents. So, from a singer to being an actor and winning all sorts of awards, I think his advice really stuck to me. Therefore, always remember that whatever you do, give it your all. 67