GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 28

Being a celebrity, and thanks to social media, the world is always watching you. How has the public scrutiny affected your life? As a public figure it is bittersweet. You enjoy it but it’s also mildly concerning to not be able to get a moment to yourself. Before I met my wife, it bothered me somewhat but now it’s slightly more difficult. It’s not easy to enjoy our alone time as a public couple. You are always in everyone’s eyes. It’s a price you pay but it’s a small price, as we are doing what we love, for audiences who we love. That is what matters. Your wedding received a lot of attention. What did you see in Urwa that made you steer towards such a big decision? In this age of social media, people like to talk about anything and everything. And when public figures get married it garners a lot of interest and attention from everyone. The attention was unanticipated. We tried to stop the media from covering anything but, of course, it got out and then it just became a thing. Like I said, that’s the price you pay. It’s overwhelming at times to realise how much people want to become part of your life. What steered me towards Urwa was the fact that she is upfront and straightforward. I wanted that in my life. She is the check and balance I needed. To be honest she has done a lot to improve me as a person, as an actor and musician. Whatever improvement or motivation is in me is because of her. The best thing a man can ask for is a supportive wife, who is there to talk him through anything. Thanks to her I am very focused and enjoy everything that I do. 28