GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 24

The Renaissance Man Remember being a part of the fan army that cheered for Farhan Saeed back when he was the charming frontman of the famed band, Jal? Lucky for his huge fan base, Farhan's star has only risen from that point. Those who adored him back then now also know him for his profound roles that he played as an actor in highly acclaimed drama serials like Udaari and Suno Chanda. With chartbusters like Pi Jaon and Halka Halka Suroor and, more recently, Maula, he has made sure to let the musician in him thrive. GLOSS met with the multi-talented star and talked about his illustrious past, his high-rolling present, and the very promising future that Farhan Saeed is looking forward to. Text By Sadaf Hassan Makeup & PhotographY MARAM AND AABROO Wardrobe RICI MELION