GLOSS Volume 2, Issue 7 - 2018 - Page 18

E X C L U S I V E GLOSS EXCLUSIVE On Board with the team and cast behind Parwaaz Hai Junoon Text By Sadaf Hassan O Event By Dream Advertising ne of the most highly anticipated films landing into Shaz Khan: The duo, Farhat Ishtiaq and Momina, is so strong, cinemas this year is Parwaaz Hai Junoon, a tribute to and this is what I would want to be as a storyteller. I was so the Pakistan Air Force and a look into the lives of its inspired and impressed by this team as they have given major cadets. Directed by Haseeb Hassan from a screenplay by the hits to the industry like Zindagi Gulzar Hair, Dayar E Dil, renowned author Farhat Ishtiaq, the film’s flight plan covers a Udaari, and so many more. This is what a good cinema needs, a worldwide release. GLOSS got the opportunity to taxi into an good script, and I am super proud to be part of such a project. event in Dubai to chat with the captain and his star crew about the making of the film, life with PAF cadets and the bearing that How did this film experience change you all? Pakistan’s arts and culture are set on. Hamza Ali Abbasi: I have always been in love with my country and the armed forces, but this movie instilled a newfound, The subject of the film is not an easy one to deal with. How extremely strong sense of respect for our armed forces. We saw did this come about? their work and despite being a part of a struggling economy and Momina Duraid: Farhat Ishtiaq is a brilliant mind and she puts working with a limited budget, their work is just amazing. We her heart and soul into her work. She is the only writer in the have one of the best-armed forces and they’re working some of industry who works on one project at a time, even if it takes the best equipment and fighter planes in the world. her a year, and we anticipate each one because we know she is capable of penning wonders. Shaz Khan: I worked in New York and other parts of the States 18