GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 72

M U S I C Aura Crafts: The new big thing in the industry Text By Saneela Jawad T he beauty industry in Pakistan has been making a mark in recent years. As there has been a rise in interest in skin care, women look for organic options in the market. Having said that, maintaining beautiful skin is not just about the time it takes but also about the products we use. Aura is a brand run by a mother - daughter duo in Pakistan that has been making waves as their organic beauty products have been the talk of the town. What sets them apart is that their products are manufactured in Pakistan itself. GLOSS caught up with Fatima Khan of Aura to know more about Aura and the products they sell. What was the inspiration behind your business idea? Aura actually began as a hobby for my parents, back when I was attending university. My mother has always been big on healthy lifestyles and my father was a handyman with a gift of learning and creating anything with the utmost perfection. Thus, one day they decided to make some soap bars. They started off with hundred per cent natural soaps and handed them out to family and friends. I got involved in this project when they decided to sell these soaps. What range of products do you offer? Soap Bars, Body Washes, Shampoo, Cold Pressed Oils, Essential Oils, Bath Oils, Scrubs, Masks, Face Oils, Mosquito Repellent, Hydrosols, Lip Balms, Beard Oil, Eye Balm and hopefully many more ranges to come. 74