GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 63

P R O F I L E throughout, so I am glad to say that it’s not just me who is breaking stereotypes in our society, rather ‘WE’ are,” Misbah told GLOSS, adding that, “success is a state of mind and all of what you do majorly depends on what success means to you, individually.” With women at the core of each process, Misbah believes that women have a greater eye for detail, which is so important for Mirusah. “From the Head of Design to our Quality Inspection, all are headed by women.” Despite women heading most departments, one challenge Misbah faced was the discrimination by the men in the field. “Be it the workers, office staff or organizers, they tend to not take you seriously. It takes a while but you have to show them who is the boss.” In addition to that was keeping a balance between work and personal life, which was made easy due to the family’s support, “A strong support system is what you need to keep you going.” “I am a great believer in energies. The vibe you exude is the kind you will attract. Whether it’s a business meeting or a labour relations issue, you have to let the person in front know you are in charge. Confidence and being aware of your worth (with humility) is what will take you a long way.” With newer people entering the professional field, Misbah advises the newbies that having faith is the most important thing. Following that one should set short-term goals for themselves and reward themselves after achieving them. “Surround yourself with positivity. Women nowadays are supremely talented and no amount of obstacles should be able to break their spirit. So go out there and show the world what you are capable of.” As firms become more aware of the importance of women in the workforce, Misbah says that because of the growing number of entrepreneurs and women in the work field, most multinationals now prefer hiring females for roles such as HR and Brand Management. As Mirusah is all set to hit a year since its inception, Misbah has quite a few collections lined up for the summer, including a bridal one. Mizka’s Salon A student with a passion for hair styling and beauty trends, Mahnoor Mizka from Karachi has proved that if you have the determination to follow your heart then age is just a number. She started Mizka’s Salon when she was just 14 years old. Keeping up with the trends every season, Mizka’s is all about making fashion statements, solving your beauty problems and setting trends. With a passion and training in hair, Mahnoor is the expert one should be looking for and you can always get the makeup done, because who doesn’t like that. While talking to GLOSS Mahnoor of Mizka’s said, “A lot of hard work, dedication and time was put in to be where I am today. I have achieved what I worked for, but I am on to bigger dreams now. I am lucky to have my parents as my support system because they have always got my back.” As a women entrepreneur in a male-dominated society, she believes that you can continue breaking these stereotypes by striving towards achieving your dreams no matter what. Moreover, in this time when women are claiming their rights and people are more aware of their abilities, it 2V7f"fVRVG&W&VWW"FRW"vFFRfVBB&R&V6v6VBf"W"v&( WfW'P6VB&R&RFFvBFWƖRF6RvVv&R7FVB&6&V6W6Rb66WG6VB7FBWf"FV6VfW2B'&Vg&VR&V6W6RbFV"76Bf"FV"76( "&V&VBvFFFbvVWW'G2v&rBW"6"&V6VBW"V&ǒF2FRGW7G'7FFrFBVRFBBFPW"6W&W6ǒ&V&rr6Rv2Vrv&B6VBfRBFffW&VBv2ƖfR( ĒfRv2vFB'B2vRFrvBvRfR6VF( B&R&BFr'WBfW&6֖rFW6R6VvW2rFBfrFf"FRVvW"vVখW"66WGF66WBV6BWfW'6VvRvF6֖RBWfW"&6FvvVB6W2FFr6WFrRfR( 6P6Bc