GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 62

WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS continue smashing glass ceilings Text By Saneela Jawad W omen started fighting back to claim their rights in the 21st century, and today, women are standing firmly on the conquered grounds. Living in a country where women are considered to be the bread makers rather than the breadwinners of the household, the new generations of women are ready to change the narrative and break the norms of the society. Women entrepreneurs are bringing their innovative ideas to the market to keep up with the global economic developments in every field. They prove that Pakistani women are not the ones to stay behind and that is the reason why most are leading exemplary businesses in a developing country. In this day and age, it is important for women to take these strong initiatives to not only help the nation but help themselves and become self-sufficient and do the things they love. In a male-dominated society, these brilliant ideas are important to create a business empire and a passion to work. The women who have been smashing the glass ceilings have not only provided job opportunities and services to others but their communities as well. We have well-known names like Massarat Misbah, Nabila, Sana Safinaz, Roshane Zafar who have been combating a multitude of hardships and challenges in the developing world where female entrepreneurs make an undistinguished contribution for the prosperity of the country. They have created more jobs for women to provide a platform for them to earn a living for themselves. As we take more steps towards women empowerment, we have newer names that are doing the same in Pakistan. GLOSS got in touch with three such women to know about them, their work and how they have been fighting this discrimination at their workplaces. Mirusah Misbah Haider started designing clothes on a small scale for her family and friends as a means to channel her energy. With encouragement and support from her family, Misbah realized that she wanted to take the plunge and start a clothing brand. Mirusah, the name itself, has an interesting to story to it. “When we were looking for a name, I wanted something that had a special meaning to it, for me. Then I sat down and listed my biggest inspirations in life. So we took ‘Mi’ from Misbah, ‘Ru’ from Rubina (my Mother in law,) ‘Sa’ from Sadia (my mother) and ‘H’ from Haideruddin, my father.” When it comes to breaking stereotypes in a society like ours, Misbah believes that we are better off than before, even though there is a long way to go for the women in our society. Moreover, with a capacity to multitask, women can achieve success in our society despite the difficulties they face. “When I moved to Sialkot after my wedding and expressed my desire to pursue my passion, I thought I would be discouraged to do so. To my luck, my in-laws and my husband have been my pillars of strength 64