GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 61

B E A U T Y From hairstylists to journalists, the event was attended by everyone with an interest in hair fashion. It was not just about transforming the hair trends for females, but for men as well. They managed to inspire quite a few stylists to bring something directly off the ramp and into our lives, especially for an industry in Pakistan. The hair maestros demonstrated different hairstyles on models at the workshop. From the resurrection haircut to the modern mullet, which makes the hairline prominent yet manages to give a feminine touch to your look, from a bohemian beach curl to adding volume and waves to your hair, the audience witnessed something that was much needed in the industry here: experimental hair trends. Another trend we saw on women were the braids, the look called gilded braid added a contemporary touch to the traditionally braided hairstyle. Another hairstyle done right at the workshop was the twisted soul which was an elaborate use of twists on a simple parting of the hair. For men, we saw that carrying fashion hair colours on the ramp along with straight fringed hairstyle adds an edgy look that the men like to carry these days. Another trend was the permed hair, which was styled to maximise the use of short hair length and natural curls. Moreover, the hairlines were kept sharp leading into more tousled and relaxed lengths. The Label M Experience was all about giving room to the hairstylists to play and experiment with hair and different techniques. As Gary France said while transforming one of the male models, “The hairdressers need to style according to the client’s personality, so it stands out more when keeping the styling aesthetics in mind.” These trends are now a welcome sight in the Pakistani market as it has certainly opened doors for future fashion weeks to adapt to these techniques. The idea for the collaboration is all about embodying fashion and self-expression, regardless of age, gender or cultural background. Thus, introducing these international standards in our industry has led Pakistan into a new age of creativity as we hope that the stylists learn to experiment with these techniques, which, in future, will allow such events to take place as the hair trends change every year. 63