GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 6

P R O F I L E LU X STYLE AWARDS 2018 L ahore hosted the 17th Lux Style Awards (LSA) on the 20th of February 2018. Dubbed as the Pakistani Oscars, the LSA was all about the stars and their achievements. Not only that, it was a night where stars put their best fashion foot forward and made the event extra glamorous. After the recent sexual harassment cases that had been making rounds on the media in the country and across the globe, LSA Planner Freiha Altaf introduced a Pakistani version of the #MeToo movement by setting it as the theme for the awards show. Titled #MeinBhi, the initiative was launched to highlight sexual harassment in the industry and start a conversation about the issue. Following the theme, the show commenced as Mahira Khan took centre stage reading Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem for freedom, ‘Bol Kay Lab Azad Hain’, this was accompanied by a sensational dance performance by the Kathak maestro Naheed Siddiqui, who came together to empower women and encourage them to speak up. After the performance Siddiqui was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her effort put in to promote the Pakistani industry. Following this, another performance that caught the audience’s attention during the show was Ahsan Khan and Amna Ilyas’ performance on the song ‘Gurus of Peace’ by AR Rehman and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan accompanied by child performers to highlight the issue of child abuse. The event was emceed by Ahmed Ali Butt and Vasay Chaudry, the kings of comedy in Pakistan, who charmed the audience with their wit. So began the first round of awards, which were for the music category. This segment was hosted by the Maybelline girl Ayesha Omar and Ahmed Ali Butt. After presenting the awards to the winners and a few technical glitches, the show proceeded to the next fashion segment. This segment was hosted by Aaminah Sheikh, lead of the movie Cake, and Ali Kazmi, star of the superhit serial, Baaghi. It was lead by a spectacular fashion presentation, where all the fashion industry stars, designers, models, photographers, makeup artists were present. From Deepak Perwani to HSY, from Hasnain Lehri to Aimal Khan, from Amna Baber to Sadaf Kanwal, from Rizwan ul Haq to Abdullah Harris everybody who was nominated in the fashion category made a 20-second appearance on stage. At the end of the segment, Freiha Altaf, who is known as the Queen of Karachi was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in the fashion category by social activist Mukhtaran Mai and veteran designer Maheen Khan for highlighting the #MeinBhi movement, because it’s about time this was done. To see Mukhtaran Mai present the award to Freiha was heartwarming, as Mai herself was a victim of sexual abuse and that she was being recognised for her tragic suffering and her efforts as she continues to make a change in our society. 28