GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 57

WA N D E R L U S T Day 2 Continuing our adventure in Brooklyn the next day, we ventured into the neighborhood of Williamsburg. The terms “hip” or “hipster” are often used to describe this area and you are very likely to see residents roaming around with a green latte or juice in hand and a yoga mat neatly tucked behind. Both sides of the street are covered with trendy cafes, repurposed factories turned into art studios, and chic boutiques here and there. Moreover, majority of the walls are branded with striking crafted graffiti, adding to the liveliness. Feel free to hop into any of the restaurants or cafés. Wanting to grab a bite and after some browsing, I got introduced to Rainbow Bagels, reflecting the nature of its residence well. These visually brilliant bagels are served at The Bagel Store with cream cheese flavors ranging from sweet to savory! A big thumbs up to check it out. Coincidentally, the seasonal food festival, Smorgasburg, was happening right down the street, further making my taste buds tingle. In that area, I also came upon a capsized version of the Manhattan skyline from the East River Park, allowing for a great panoramic click. With half of the day still ahead, I decided to visit two more prominent landmarks in Manhattan: the New York Public Library (NYPL) and Grand Central Station. While walking to NYPL, my sister pointed out the buildings and view used in one of the Spider-Man movies, exactly opposite the library. So, if you are a superhero movie fan be sure to check that out and imagine a red and blue figure flying around. The first greetings by NYPL are from the two lion statues, named Patience and Fortitude, leading to the entrance. The library was packed with people of all ages, with some, like me, interested in site seeing, some taking advantage of the vast collection of books and research resources available, and majority studying or clicking away to reach that deadline. As the exterior, the interior is breathtaking, from the smallest details inscribed onto the tiles and walls, the arches and domes, the beautiful chandeliers and accessories to every wall covered in historical images, with the ceilings taking the lead visually. As already established above, New Yorkers prefer to travel on foot and the Grand Central Station was a further proof of that. Like NYPL, I was immediately mesmerized by the inside. Built in the 1990s, the interior is a reflection of just that and the layout is expansive. The main concourse is where travelers buy their tickets and commence their journey or exchange routes, also serving as a meeting place, creating a constant flow of bustling crowds. The striking features inside include the enormous arched glass windows, the four-faced brass clock on top of the information booth, and the elaborately decorated astronomical ceiling, which is said to be quite inaccurate. Having been featured in so many movies over the years, seeing it in person was splendid. The lower level constitutes of a huge dining hall which is almost always filled with occupants not leaving any seat empty. The station exudes royalty due to its marble and detailing, with the commuters and masses adding modernity, creating a perfect blend. Almost getting there! Next destination, Central Park. If only I had more time, I would have spent the entire day sitting there reading. Situated in between blocks of buildings, the park is extremely big with corners touching all directions and will take you a good day to see it all. Hot dog, churro and ice-cream stands are littered throughout the park, people are snoozing, walking or running, dogs with their owners taking their walk of the day, policemen doing a tour of the park on their gorgeous enormous horses, and last but not the least, the Angels Fountain! Being a Friends TV show fanatic, I was ecstatic to see the original one. Also, somewhere in the middle is a specific vertical stretch covered with trees and benches on the side, a very popular capture amongst street artists and painters. Moreover, inside that block of buildings and within walking distance from the park is the famous Trump Tower, now acknowledged more due to its namesake’s political influence and movements. So if your interest sparks, the 66 stories gold embossed skyscraper can be added to your list. 59