GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 55

WA N D E R L U S T Day 1 True to its nature, Times Square was full of people walking in all directions. Locals going about their business and tourists commencing their site seeing, the two being distinguishable by the latter’s bulky camera and stopping constantly to capture the exuberance. Large flashy signs everywhere beckoned walkers to visit their store, souvenir shops on every corner reminding you to grab different ornaments with the phrase “I love NY” on them, and enormous screens planted sweetly in the middle of buildings and towers, playing snippets of different TV or fashion shows. The M&M store is a definite visit and if you’re lucky you might get a sweet treat on your way out! Walking throughout Manhattan was a pleasure itself. The architecture unique to New York is mesmerizing in its own way. The red brick and iron clad buildings combined with newly renovated ones, piercing high into the sky and standing with close proximity to each other comprise almost all of NYC. After roaming around the streets for a while, it was time for lunch. Just like street fashion, street food holds its own place. You will see food carts at the end of every street. Emerging from this phenomenon were “The Halal Guys”, two brothers who opened a food cart selling halal gyro and chicken, reigning massive fame allowed them to expand their business. They are located on the south-east corner of 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue. Naturally, I opted for that and needless to say, it was delicious. A must try. A side note, their serving is quite big and can easily feed two people, another plus if I may say so! For a quick caffeine fix, I tried this extremely cute and eccentric coffee place called Bibble & Sip. They had the best assortment of cookies and interesting coffee combinations, definitely a place to go if you want a break from the usual Starbucks. The rest of the day was dedicated to the infamous Manhattan skyline. The perfect view of that beautiful cluster of buildings can be seen from the Dumbo area, short for Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass, in Brooklyn. Amidst it are the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges crisscrossed in the sky, connecting both boroughs together across the river. The Dumbo area is a huge one, with its cobbled streets, converted warehouses, high-end restaurants, and trendy cafes. I chose to spend more time on the north side, breathing in the picturesque views of the Manhattan skyline. Watching the sun descending and the change in colors was breathtaking, magnifying the grandeur of New York. If stamina allows, you can even take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, witnessing the actuality of the metal closer. Might I add, Dumbo exudes another beauty at night when the florescent bulbs everywhere are turned on, adding a whimsical touch. Next food stop was a renowned local specialty in the same area called Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. After hearing my sister rave about the taste and witnessing the long line of people waiting to be seated, I was not disappointed. The taste and texture was scrumptious.