GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 54

WA N D E R L U S T d in M f o e t a t S k r o Y New Planning a vacation or a stopover at one of the world's most popular vacation destinations? GLOSS writer, Hibba Amin will guide you through the "Big Apple" for a memorable stay. Text By Hibba Amin R begging nestled in a heap of clothing w no t, gh bou u yo top ite wh better way than emember that adorable e it out for a spin, and what tak to e tim it’s , ell W y. da of ryone's to see the light y (NYC), the city vivid in eve Cit rk Yo w Ne of s eet str the initely be on to frolic around in it on a fashion hub, NYC should def d an at tre l ura ect hit arc al on imagination. Being a coloss it can get slightly daunting le, ab ail av on ati orm inf ve ith exhausti lore this the top of your travel list. W tunately, I got a chance to exp For . all it te ple com to e urg g lin ly had a few days where to start and the compel e my sister was moving, I on nc Si y. cit t an ag rav ext d ectables. immensely populated an trying out local quirky del to s sic ba the all ng iti vis , from or two for your to accomplish all my goals y and might give you a tip cit s thi d ele rav un I how on Here is my personal take future visit! tination being the se to take the bus, the end des cho I , da na Ca via rk Yo ter, we w Since I was going to Ne d enthusiastically by my sis ete gre ng bei ter Af . NY in tion tely started bustling Port Authority sta n. Reaching home, I immedia tio sta ay bw su C NY st va in uare, headed for her apartment e yearning to see Times Sq Th . see to ed nt wa I ces pla list of t. Before making a schedule and the xt morning we did exactly tha ne the d an t lis the ped top , an nhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, located in Midtown Manhatt Ma s: gh ou bor e fiv in d ide ail, NYC is div delving further, a small det ning prominent landmarks. tai con h eac x, on Br e Th d an Staten Island 56