GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 51

F O E X C L U S I O V D E GLOSS chats with UK-based dietician, Fareeha Jay, for some insights into popular food movements. Juice Cleanses The concept of juice cleanses is that it detoxifies our body of toxins that we ingest through unhealthy foods. In some cases, people are asked to only consume fruit and vegetables and abstain from other foods for cleansing the body. This is a marketing myth with no nutritional reality. Our body has its own mechanism to detoxify and remove toxins. Our skin, gut, liver, and kidneys are continuously cleaning our body and if our body still needs detoxification, it means our kidneys and liver are not working properly and we need to go to the hospital. No cleaning drink will do the job. In fact, cutting out other food groups can be harmful as you are losing out on so many nutrients. Rather than following a juice cleansing diet for a quick fix for weight loss, go for a healthy balanced diet combined with an active lifestyle. “We do not realise but it’s because of good nutrition that our body functions properly. Nutrition means including all food groups in our diet. It’s not just about eating but about nourishing our bodies,” said Fareeha. “Carbohydrates and B vitamins give you energy while proteins are responsible for the structure and function of cells, tissues and muscles. Fruit and vegetables give you vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and dairy provide you with calcium. Healthy fats help you absorb vitamin A, D, E and K, and some are good for nerve function, and heart health. Therefore, missing out on even one food group makes our diet imbalanced,” she added. Fareeha’s Top Tips For Leading A Nutritious Life Include all food groups in your diet in moderation. You need to develop a positive relationship with food, so that every time you have a treat, you don’t feel guilty. You have to stop using terms like “cheat meal,” rather you need to accept them as part of your life as occasional treats. Never starve yourself. Include as much fibre as possible. Snack on fruit and vegetables. Swap foods for healthy options - chocolate for dates, sweets for raisins, fried chips for oven chips and so and so. Think of nutrition not just for losing your weight but to nourish yourself. Don’t think of it as a goal but think of it as a way of life. 69