GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 46

FA S H I O N “ If you look at modest fashion, it has been around since the beginning of time. It is here to stay. It has been one of the most prominent lifestyles and it will be forever. ” Paving Way To A Modest Revolution Text By Hibba Amin the lines between comfort and chic, modest B create lurring fashion has successfully allowed its audience to a lifestyle adhering to their requirements without compromising on style. Not limited to Muslims or those wearing a hijab, the versatility of the term modesty has now achieved a relatable factor amongst many, effectively expanding its demographics and becoming a prominent trend on its own. Even though this concept has been around for a while, modest fashion has recently occupied a front row seat in mainstream media. With consumer spending increasing, the modest wear industry is said to reach around US$ 322 billion dollars in the coming years. Tapping into this phenomenon is Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC,) providing a platform for key players, designers and institutions to reach their audience on a much larger scale and help the industry grow. With offices currently in 9 countries: UAE, USA, UK, Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Canada, Pakistan, and soon to be in Malaysia and Indonesia, IFDC is the world’s leading modest fashion and design council representing the Islamic economy 48 and its stakeholders. Supplying exposure to professionals and new talent, IFDC aims to ensure their success in the global marketplace. It provides various products, services and training programs on all levels, facilitating key players to gain access to this growing industry. To learn more about what they offer you can visit their website at The objectives outlined above were successfully showcased through Prêt-a-Cover Buyers Lane- A Modest Revolution, a one of a kind fashion and design event held by IFDC in Dubai at City Walk from 28th March till 2nd of April, 2018. Walking towards the location, you are instantly greeted with pop-up shops on either of your sides leading to the main area. Over 30 Muslim-friendly and modest fashion designers and artists had their work exhibited, from haute couture and prêt-a-porter to mainstream street fashion, beauty, and accessories. The pop-up shops were created in a way where you got to interact with designers and connect on a more personal level. Breaking the norm of a traditional catwalk show, designers instead had their collections presented through short videos projected