GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 44

B E A U T Y MAKEUP DAYTIME MAKEUP AND SPF IN BEAUTY PRODUCTS M aheen Khan is an Abu Dhabi based hair & makeup artist. She has been in this field for over a year and loves it more as each day passes by. She is trained by the finest in the industry - Charlotte Tilbury, Bina Khan, MAC Cosmetics, Mohammed Hindash and Tamanna Roashan. Some makeup products with SPF Body Shop Essence day time cream with SPF 50 1. What is your makeup routine? I get very lazy when it comes to my own face, but when I do get into it, its usually concealer, powder. kajal, lip and cheek tint with lots of mascara. What are some essential makeup products that you recommend for daytime makeup? Sunscreen, sunscreen and sunscreen - I cannot insist enough.  Also, I am a big fan of bronzers and cheek tints. Some mistakes you think people make when applying daytime makeup? Makeup is personal, so I believe there is no wrong way of doing makeup. However, makeup can be harsh or inappropriate at times when it is not needed during the day. Strong lines, extra shimmer, and keeping eyes and lips bold simultaneously, such small things are day time faux pas. Makeup is supposed to make you look .better and confident – not weigh you down Is having SPF in makeup products essential or should one stick to their ordinary SPF face cream? SPF in makeup can protect you from the sun, but not as effectively as a sunscreen that is exclusively designed for this purpose. How to keep makeup intact during the day when outdoor and indoor as well. Apply mattifying primer over clean skin and a light coverage foundation that is mattifying too. Set with finely crushed setting powder and use matte fixing spray to finish. If your skin is naturally too oily, particularly in summer, avoid using moisturizer before makeup. 46 ROC daily moisturizer with SPF 35 Estée Lauder Double Wear Cushion Compact 3. 4. Murad Day Cream with SPF30 Most of the BB, CC and DD creams have SPF as well, but they do not replace a good sunscreen. mk @rougeby 2. o’s Go light on the coverage Always wear sunscreen th at is oil free Add subtle bronzing Curl lashes and use a light but elongating mascara nt’s o D Go for muted colours Keep only one feature prom inent Loud colours Sharp contouring g Heavy highlightin p Not fixing makeu with powder Prominent brows n Skipping sunscree