GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 43

E X C L U S I V E What is the idea behind your upcoming documentary “The with Tobe Gibson, credited for discovering Tom Cruise, who Hollywood Experience?” always said that to be a great actor you must feel the character Interviews with some of Hollywoods best names, after having be the character, understand the character. I also try my best to worked on some of the best television shows and films they now understand the director’s vision. share their experience. The film stars John Schneider known for his amazing award- How was your experience in the field of I do believe that Pakistani winning portrayal in the Dukes of Hazard acting, direction and production so far and Smallville, William Sadler known for cinema truly has achieved and what flaws do you think Pakistani his roles in Iron Man 3 and The Shawshank filmmakers, directors and actors have remarkable success over Redemption. Disney stars such as Jennifer which needs attention? Stone and Hutch Dano. 3-Time Bafta I do believe that Pakistani cinema truly the last few years, and I Nominee Troy Baker, Quinton Aaron who has achieved remarkable success over hope that the industry the starred in the BlindSide which grossed over last few years, and I hope that the $350 Million worldwide, April Billingsley industry only gets better. I know that only gets better. who was most recently cast in American the industry isn’t where it should be yet Made starring Tom Cruise, Terry Notary I know it's getting there and again with known for his portrayal in films such as Avatar, Kong: Skull markets like China accepting south Asian content with open Island and Rise Of the Planet of the apes, Glenn Morshower arms I feel, believe and think we are on the correct track to known for his outstanding performance in Transformers and hit greater possibilities and even stronger box office results. tv series 24 and several other amazing stars including Marc John Jeffries, Kyle T. Heffner, Max Decker, Karissa Lee Staples and On a scale of 1-10 where do you rate yourself in terms of Andre Gower. production, direction and acting and why? I am still learning. Any actor, producer or director who gives When it comes to acting how do you choose roles and themselves a 10/10 would be lying, it's all about growing and prepare yourself for them? understanding your craft to be a better artist every day. If you With the help of my co-stars and direct "vRfRF2b7Fr7FV&rBw&vrFRVFV6RvVVVǒv2fW0&VV'6v&62FvWBF6&7FW"vVv&rFW&R&RFW6G2bf2&Vr&GV6VBV6V"vF&BF6WfRv&BvrW&f&6RWfVV&6RVG&VG2bw&VB'F7G27FV&RBVWFV6rW'6V`ג67F"w2ƖW2&vǒ7F'FVBג6&VW"27F"rF&R&WGFW"Rf"&WGFW"F'&r( ( УCP