GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 30

T I P S #BLOGGERSTIPS Keeping Hydrated On Board Quick Tips And Suggestions On Travelling With A Toddler If you are a frequent flier, you need to pay extra attention to your skin, whether you are travelling to the country next door or half way across the world. Pressurised cabins are bad for your skin, and spending 10 hours or more in a plane can cause your skin to dehydrate and age. A little prep here can go a long way. First and foremost, I have a suggestion: mommies, get yourself a nice, comfy, spacious, and of course cute looking backpack! Believe me, it makes carrying things around so much easier, especially when your toddler suddenly demands to be carried too. There are few things that you can carry to use on your skin during your flight: A moisturiser, an eye cream, a hydrating face mask, hand cream and if possible coconut water. Always pack your backpack with an extra pair of clothes for the child. Maybe throw in an extra shirt for yourself, wipes, diapers and a changing mat. Pull-ups if they are potty trained. A pouch of quick meds. My list includes Adol, anti-allergic syrup, vaseline as cabins get cold and dry on long flights, a thermometer, ear drops and nasal drops. I usually moisturise my skin before leaving for a travel but the dry atmosphere on a flight makes my skin dry a few hours into a flight. This is the time I reapply the moisturiser. My personal favourite is Olay and Khiels. I do the same with my eyes. Before coming on a flight I also apply a body cream mixed with bio-oil. Palmer's shea cocoa butter goes very well with a bio-oil. At some point when the cabin is dark, I take this opportunity to apply the hydrating face mask and then maybe a short nap after that. Usually, these masks have thick serum so even after removing the mask the serum stays for a long time. My target is to drink loads of water and if I can find coconut water from the airport duty-free then I drink it mid-flight. Aircraft soaps make your hand super dry, so a hand cream can always come handy. With this little preparation and routine, you can prevent dryness, fine lines and premature ageing. Pack lots of snacks for a long flight and some of your child's favourite snacks in the luggage too, if he is a picky X]\ZBZ[K[Y[H\H][[H\][H]\[][ۋۛYZ\]\]HY[ۈHX] [\Y[œܙY[[YH\K]HX]\XYHH[\ܘ\H\YB[Hو]X][ۜ˂H\H[\\Y[[HX]\H^H[\H\BXHX]\[H[H]XXH[H\[YY[K܂\H\YX[YܙHXY[]\ݙ\H]KZHX[X\Z\ܙ]\YW‘[XX[^^[WW][Y‹]]X]\Y[XZ[XZ[XYŒ