GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 27

E X C L U S I V E Tell us about yourself. where I had to jump off the cliff into the sea in I am a self-made man. I am also very hard working extremely cold weather; it was somewhere around and passionate about my work. December or January when we shot that scene. Despite my producer telling me to leave it to the What got you into acting and singing? stuntman, I wanted to be the hero that I think Shahrukh Khan. I grew up watching Bollywood I am, and I did it. I jumped into freezing cold movies, and SRK was not just the King of water. Bollywood but the King of Romance as well. Since then, I have wanted to be a romantic hero. What are the similarities and differences After teaching myself how to dance, act, play the between the Pakistani media industry and the piano and guitar, I thought I was ready to be an Indian media industry? actor. I am a dentist by profession but because of I think the most prominent difference is that of my passion and a small artist in me, I entered this professionalism. In addition to that, there is a huge field. lobby system in the Pakistani industry, especially Karachi, which I feel would not be working in the How was it working in Bollywood and then favour of the industry as a whole. Being a creative making a film debut in Pakistan? industry, we should give chance to every