GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 6 - 2018 - Page 18

You have come a long way since establishing Amato with Furne One. Who do you owe your success to? Rashid Ali: I can map my growth along with Dubai’s as the skyline changed, here under the vision of our leader Sheikh Mohamed it inspired dreams in us the citizens of Dubai. I grew my company inspired by His Highness. What is the thing you love most about working in fashion? Rashid Ali: Seeing artistry, creativity and innovation through different perspectives. It’s just fascinating how designers can translate their vision in their own unique way. Define your work process. How and where do you pick and choose textiles from? Rashid Ali: From a young age, I was exposed to textiles from my father’s business. Through the years, I guess one can say that I now have a penchant for collecting different kinds of fabrics that I gather through my travels. With Amato, we make it a point to create new and innovative way to utilise fabrics, making it our own, giving it the signature Amato Couture touch.  Do you follow the Pakistani fashion scene? If so, how do you think the industry has evolved? Rashid Ali: Pakistan has definitely caught up with the international fashion scene. The fashion industry is slowly growing and developing. Talented individuals who each have their unique styles that make things more interesting. Do you plan to expand Amato Couture to Pakistan? Rashid Ali: Anything is possible. Name some Pakistani celebrities you think would carry Amato Couture very well? \\Y[ۙH[H[ܚ]”\Y[NYZ\^X] H\ܛ[X]]\HYܙH[HYX]]Y[ \ܘXH[\H\YYH\[H\^H\[ 'Z\[\Y[][B]Y\]B[\][ۘ[\[ۂ[KH\[ۂ[\H\Hܛ[˜[][[˂'