GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 94

F O O D Whether you are caught up in the annual January rush of recommitting to your health or are looking to continue to grow your dedication to your fitness, somewhere down the path you must have come across the ‘clean eating’ movement. Mind over matter Many experts argue that calling the movement clean eating implies that any other kind of diet is unhygienic or dirty, and that if you are not eating ‘clean’ then you must be a sloppy and lazy individual who is making themselves sick. They stress that the best way to living a healthy life is not to focus on a specific diet but to simply eat what you want, just in moderation, as you cannot always have a meal that is directly ‘farm to fork’. Moreover, many have also pointed out that this eating trend focuses more on becoming thin in the mainstream media than it does on just eating well, and allows companies to take advantage of the ill-informed by promoting products which claim to be “clean” and “healthy” – cold-pressed juices are still a concentrated source or sugar and just because it is coconut oil does not make it any less of a saturated fat. So perhaps the trick is not to waste too much time, energy, and money on figuring out the best diet for you and purchasing the “best” food, rather it is just about four main things: 1. Eat as many vegetables as you can This does not mean to only eat vegetables or have them all the time. Simply, find more ways to introduce some leafy greens into your meals. 2. Think transparent over clean Make sure your food is what it claims to be. A candy bar ought to be a candy bar and not disguised as a protein bar (looking at your Snickers and Mars.) 3. Not all packaged food is the enemy Read the labels on the foods you buy. If it features a long laundry list of things you cannot even begin to pronounce, your odds are best at ditching it. 4. There is no cheating, just indulging Stop thinking of a Mickey D meal as a cheat meal. This just leaves you with feelings of guilt, and do not think of it as a reward either because in the end, it is better for you to leave junk food out. Instead, just think of it as what it is, a meal, and just make sure that in the balance of food, you have more home-cooked meals than outside ones where you control what goes in the pan.