GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 79

T he new year is upon us and with it comes the time to recommit to yourself – mentally and physically. As with each passing year, you tell yourself that 2018 will be different; this time you will reach your health goals and release the fitness freak within. H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S adolescence. But meeting up with individuals with similar interests and hobbies is always a great way to start building friendship, so search around for a local running club or set up an impromptu one through social media. Sleep better But where do you start? Do you join the gym or invest in A 2013 survey from the National Sleep Foundation reported equipment for the home? Or do you head down the rabbit that regular exercisers get in better shut-eye than even the hole of Googling countless home workout videos that leave most dedicated of couch potatoes. Even better, they found you too mentally exhausted to even workout? that a little goes a long way too with just 10 minutes of physical activity enough to show signs of better sleep. We say you ditch the research migraine and save your bank account from taking a hit every month through a gym Fewer trips to the doctor membership, and instead take up one simple activity – Active people are less likely to develop colon and breast running. cancer. Their hearts are much healthier too, vastly reducing their risk of coronary diseases. Generally, all systems are a This is no infomercial. Running is regarded as being one of go with frequent workouts, leaving you feeling better all- the best calorie-blasting workouts around, and here are 7 round and slowly diminishing chances of contracting a other reasons you should take it up. number of illnesses and diseases. You can do it anywhere Destress It’s safe to say that the more accessible and hassle-free a The next time work pushes you to tear your hair out or fitness regime is, the likely anyone is to stick to it. So be knock out a colleague, hit the track instead. Exercise has it a park or a street walk, you can rack up the kilometres shown to release endorphins, automatically giving your practically anywhere, even on your next vacation. mood a much-needed boost, and even helping remodel the brain into a calmer and stress-resistant organ. Save some cash Forget fancy equipment and exuberant gym memberships, Live longer with running the only tool you need is the right footwear. There’s solid evidence that daily moderate running adds years to your life, so not only do runners show fewer Make new friends disabilities and remain active longer than their stationary As we enter adulthood, one thing becomes startlingly counterparts, they live longer too – the health benefits just clear, making friends is no longer as simple as it was in keep on coming. Tips from a trainer If you have been convinced to take up this butt-kicking workout, here are four nuggets of wisdom from Dubai-based fitness instructor and the founder of Run Wild Run Free, Tala Al Ejou. Start off slow: get a good base first before suddenly deciding to run 10km. You need to work up to it and understand that everything in fitness takes time – have patience, let your body adapt to running and over time as you get fitter, those 10min runs you start off with will easily turn into 30min ones Run by time and not distance: it sounds less intimidating to go out and run for 20min then it is to go out and run 5km. Running a distance sets too much pressure to get to that distance, while running by a set time, you enjoy the experience more Invest in comfy shoes: nothing is worse than ending up with terrible blisters after your first run. Find the right pair that fit you. Feel out the padding and the b X]X[]H[XYو\\[HZ\][\B]H܈[H[][]H܈X[[]\\ۙHوH\[]]ܜY\[H[ˈ]\\[B[ܙH[][X]\[H]HY[[وX[X[]HY[H]\[ۈ\[H\[ۈB܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈX]\[]X]]H[[[YK\][[[YKY