GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 70

P R O F I L E A jay Ramchandi is a public relations expert and built AJR Events, in Dubai. His past includes various roles in banking, event organising, dancing, acting and modelling. He has been putting his talents to expert use and was called on to work at eight exhibitions, two art shows and fashion brand management events and four Bollywood events recently. Hungry for something more, he has resolved to up his portfolio in 2018 in a major way. A lifelong resident of Dubai, he has seen the city grow from a sparse desert to a modern metropolis and one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. He too evolved in his character and skills alongside this city. His HUSTLE. PARTY. strongest trait is his ability to influence and win people, and he is frequently described as a ‘people’s person.’ Music and dance are his passions, but he will go the extra mile in anything he has to do, his eye always on success. AJAY RAMCHANDANI SLEEP. REPEAT. GLOSS met the ‘PR guru’ to have a chat about his ever so happening life, the events industry and how he manages his tough routine along with a family. When did you realise events is your true calling? I was employed at a bank as a full-time banker and they started a social club to manage the 7,000 staff and their activities. The selection was based on elections, interviews and nominations. With hundreds of people applying, I gave it a shot as I liked being amongst people. To my good fortune I was elected as the Social Manager heading the committee members, and as a result, I organised various events for the staff within the bank. I gave more than a 100% as these were planned after banking work hours. With experience and time, I saw Your favourite and most memorable experience? that this is where I belonged and hence it became a profession. Working with celebrities such as Fawad Khan, Amy Jackson and How did you manage to grow your business in such a short span? Sania Mirza and managing them personally. Trial and error is the mantra of my life. I tried, I failed, then tried again and so on. With some confidence that I gained from doing What would be a dream event that you would like to be behind? small work profiles and the appreciation I received, I realised this To give back something in return to the greatest rulers of the can be taken to the next level and kept the pursuit on without country by contributing or organising some event for the ruling family. looking back. How do you balance between your personal and professional life considering handling events is time consuming? This is a real point of complaint at home: 'never at home!' Obviously, it is not easy to spend time with family, especially when your work demands commitment at odd hours, but thankfully, I have a family extremely supportive of my work and they come forward and attend all my events themselves. They are my pillars of support. What kind of events do you enjoy working on the most? Corporate events are more challenging, and I enjoy doing the entire package as I find them more professional. They require a bit more sensitivity in how you deal with them. 70 Any tips or advice you would like to give to someone who may want to start an events company? First, try your hand with gaining experience, facing extreme situations and falling before rising again, and when you are content with yourself go and invest right. Life will be more exciting when you are content from inside. What are you expecting from the new year? I expect 2018 to be more challenging as I venture into more events and newer areas of my field. I would also like to try new businesses; however, I would like to keep the tag of the PR guru of Dubai and live up to its reputation.