GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 68

E X C L U S I V E GLOSS EXCLUSIVE Tête-à-Tête with the cast of Chupan Chupai Text By Saneela Jawad Chupan Chupai, a comedy-thriller starring Ahsan the new narrative that is being introduced in the Khan and Neelam Munir in lead roles, as well as industry with Chupan Chupai. Talat Hussain, Arshad Mehmood, Ali Rizvi, Adnan Jaffer, Sakina Samo and Javed Shiekh released Tell us about the movie ‘Chupan Chupai.’ Neelam: I am very excited about it as it is my debut worldwide on December 29th, 2017. film. Chupan Chupai is full of comedy and being my The film has a ‘youth-oriented script’ as it revolves first movie I didn’t want it to be a stereotypical love around a group of young unemployed men who story and instead wanted my character to entertain want to make quick money. As a result, they resort the audience. I am sure people are going to enjoy it. to dramatic measures like kidnapping and other Ahsan: It is 6VGgVb7W'&6W2fVVF0Ɩv62গ2vrF&R6WFrFBWfW'RvVFRfR6&2FRF&V7F&FV'WBb6N( 2vV&RFBV2FFR76W2F2f0ƒbg&BfRv26w&GFVWfW'FrFBFRWFvVBvBFvF6FR67&BB2&GV6VB'VB6VB&VR&Rrf'v&BFB&V6W6RbFRWpf6W2g&W66FVBBWr7GRb'&FfRF@গ2&VrG&GV6VBFR7FGW7G'FRf&2FR6V&6b6FP6fW"67&VVgFW"7BF&VRV'2FR7GVFVG2ƓB2gW6bF&VRvV&W37&R7Fg&F6FVגbW&f&֖r7G26VGB&WffW2&VBFRFVR`RFV"fFV'WBFRfR2vVF2VVVBBrFBVG2F7&W2'W@f6&2FRFV'WBbVVV"FRvF6֖2FV6FB2B2fRvR&VV'6V@FRfRf"F&Vf&R7GVǒf֖rB7FfGW7G'FR6֖2F&W"2&6VB&6BGV&vB2W"&RƖRFRfSt52FƷ2FFR67BFr&R&WBVVӢFR6&7FW"b&v2Bǐc