GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 6

T I P S #BLOGGERSTIPS , s. Wear what you want nd tre to ve sla a be ’t Don as and feel sexy as well whenever you want confident in it Shahreen Zahid @shazyzahid Drink plenty Keep yourself hydrated – all the time. and keeps your of water, it helps you cleanse off toxins skin glowing. e when buying Do your research. Always take your tim what suits your your favourite makeup essentials. Buy the brand race. skin type. Ask questions. Don’t follow acclaimed to Use what’s best for you, not because it’s be the best. use sunscreen Prevention is always better than cure, so right sunscreen before soaking in the sun. Using the is key. The best investment one can make is in skincare. A facial brush, I love mine from Clarisonic, helps to cleanse pores by removing makeup and cleaning dirt, oil, and sweat from your skin up to six times better than your hands alone. You will notice how fresh and clean your skin feels. I recommend using the facial brush twice a day and only once on the days you don’t wear makeup. Don’t forget to use a toner and your favourite moisturiser after you have cleansed. not necessary Anti-aging regime – start early. It’s eat your way to use anti-aging creams, but you can with anti-aging through it too. Eat fruits enriched grapes, because formula. Kiwi, avocados, blue berries, you are what you eat. your makeup Last but not the least, always remove makeup clogs before you go to bed. Not removing before time. your pores, produces acne, and ages you Sidra Surmed @sidsirus   Ronda Martin-Chowdhari @rondalicious .net to get featured Email mail@glossmag or #tipsglossmag on Instagram 06