GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 49

A R T Mukhtara Mai People related to the art industry are slowly and gradually becoming more professional. We have more art galleries than before in the country. Every year, the number of artists displaying their work internationally is increasing. This is because people are learning more about art and have realised that it is something that should be appreciated by everyone and just not by a niche market. What has been the most challenging bit of being an artist especially in Pakistan? For me, the most challenging part of being an artist in Pakistan is that we don’t get the recognition that we should. Not only that, as an artist, you have to do everything yourself, from painting to selling and even marketing. Whereas, in my opinion, the artist should only focus on producing the creative work and let the professionals handle the rest. What is in the pipeline for you and where can we see your next exhibition? I am working on a solo show in Pakistan and the US, nothing is finalised yet. So let’s see which part of the world my art takes me next. Any piece of advice for the aspiring artists? Just keep on producing work and share it with the world. What is your art world pet peeve? Pseudo intellectuality. 49