GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 48

A R T Invisible Stories What is your most inspirational piece of art? I do not have a specific piece of art; but, I love the artworks by Sadequain, Picasso, Van Gogh, Anish Kapoor and Damien Hirst to name a few. What sort of planning goes into creating an artwork? The very first step is scribbling down the idea as soon as it hits you. This is the reason I have a sketchbook with me most of the times, so whenever I am hit with an idea, I scribble it down immediately. Then after developing the concept, I start working on the canvas or the chosen base. I pick my colours depending on the message I want to convey, which are mostly primary or bright colours. What is your signature style? The use of bright colours has to be my signature. Although, I don’t think an artist can confine self to a style. The most important thing for any artist is to get the message across. What kind of art do you collect and does it impact your life and work in any way? I do not collect art. What I do collect are leaflets and brochures which are nicely designed. What does the future of art world look like in Pakistan? I think that even though the art scene in Pakistan is moving in the right direction, there is a need to focus more on public art displays. 48