GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 47

A R T Neices What sparked your interest in becoming an artist? I was always interested in colours and shapes from a very young age, but I never wanted to be an artist. Unlike many Pakistani parents, my parents always wanted me to become an artist and supported my talent. They wanted me to go to an art school, which ultimately I refused and ended up going to a business school after finishing my basic education in art. What inspires your work? What kind of art do you create? Mostly, I get inspired by people, the social issues around me and how they interact with the society. I like to create art which speaks to the viewer. I like to create art that is not only nice to look at but has a message behind it. Mukhtara Mai, Benazir Bhutto, Malala, Noor Jahan and so on, depicting their public image and their private personalities. I have shown my work at Dubai, London, Islamabad, Lahore and Bedford. What role does the artist have in society? I would say that artists \HXXXZ\^\^H]BHY\[^H[][X]K^H\HZ\Z[[˜۝\H]HXXX]H\X[\X܈[\YK[HXYXY\YH[H\HZ[۝^HXH[\ܚ”[H^H[\][ۈY\HHX[\Y\H\H^H\۝^H^H[وY]ۈHXYX\YK][[BH[\X[[][ۜ\Y[&\Y[][Y[\KY][Y\Hۘ\وۙHو^HX[ۈš[[\X[ۋ]\\H\H[Y\[^Hܚš\ۈ[[\[HY\[X˂]\[\\[O”[H\\Y][][HXH[YHHY]\[[HܛH][H][ ]\Y][ۙ\X] \B[^H]^H\[HXHY\[[[ۜ[HY]\[\H]HX][\][\^X][ۜ[Hۘ\Z[XX^X][ۏ’H]HZ[\[\[\ܛ\\[Hܛ [XXX[ۈYHY\[ۘ\ H[YHوۙHو^H\\[\YHHY[\[YH[Z\H[\Y]KH\\YۈZ[[Z\[HY[X\