GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 43

D emure and loose-fitting clothing were seen walking the ramps in recent fashion shows showcased by top designers. While this concept may seem new, it in fact has been around for quite some time but just recently took its due place in the limelight, namely in the form of Modest Fashion. The notion arose from the necessity and desire to wear clothes that cover the body rather than expose it, and with the lack of options available providing that need. This resulted with many Modest Fashion designers emerging but struggling to step into mainstream. Courtesy social media, many brands and designers took upon bloggers and influencers to help spread the word, reigning success but to a certain extent. Enter the dynamic duo, Franka Soeria and Ozlem Sahin, the brains behind Modest Fashion Week. This platform allowed those designers to grab media attention and promote their message on a larger scale. Soeria and Sahin, joined together to form ThinkFashion, a consultancy firm specialising in marketing, production and events. After stepping in this area, and visiting various countries, they quickly realized that the need for Modest Fashion was high but there was no “global platform for the market.” Hence, the creation of Modest Fashion Week, where they brought together designers, influencers, buyers and media to promote the message on a broader spectrum. After Istanbul and London, Dubai was the famous choice. With Dubai already popular amongst all and a [\[[و[\]\H][Y[XYHHX\[ۂX\K[ܙ[ݙ\]XZH][Y[ۜ[Y\\H[Z\\\H܈[KXYB][ܙH[\[HX[H\Yۙ\›ZHH[X[H[XY[X^XB[H^\][H܈HZYHX\ \\\[܈]Z[[][ۂ^\[YHܙX]H[Z[X\]H[BY\[\X XZH[\\[ۈYZ\HY^H][\[[ܙH[ \[ۈ[ Lق\Yۙ\Hݙ\ [Y\ˈ\H\H[\[\ܚX]\H[ݙ\[X[HY\[\[ۈX˜[\^X][ۜ[ YYHH[YY[[\ZX]X\[[[[[XHY[[X\XZY\K[[H[^K[Y][ۋ[[Y\[[\\[ۂ\Yۙ\]\\][ݚY[]\Yۙ\[[[[ܝ[]HYHZ\X[ۈۈH[^K[ZY[H[ݘ][ۈ[ܙX]]]K\^YH]Yۈ[\Z[[[Y\\ݙKH[\[YܙXH[[H]\[HYYو[\XX[BHX\[HZXZ\\\ܙX]H\]\B\[ۘXHY]۝[Y[HZ[ܙY\Hݙ\BKZ\\[ۈ\[Y]\X[[ܛX[X\][Z\Y]\Hو\Y]H[[KY\HX\ٝ[HH[HXZH\Yۙ\و\\ݙK[ZK[\^\Y[H]XZH[\\[ۈYZ˂'\X[HH[\H[[HۈH۝[[ۘ[\[ۂ