GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 40

M U S I C name ‘The Bearded Chef ’ about LMM he told us, “It went far ahead of its expectation this year, which is great. LMM is stepping up their game.” “I personally liked the performance of Takatak on Day 2; it was a fresh, face-melting performance which was long awaited for Lahore metalheads,” he said. Syed Nasir Inam, a musician himself told GLOSS, “LMM is a great platform to promote music, as it invites all sorts of artists to showcase their talent. From professional musicians to underground musicians, LMM has it all.” “ LMM provided space for people to enjoy music and learn about the musical heritage at the same time. ” “It is a platform to explore good musicians and gives them a chance to spread their new content to the public. The workshop sessions also help struggling musicians and inspire them to do better,” he added. Lastly, Nasir suggested that with all the right things about LMM, the timings for the sessions should not overlap, as people who want to attend more than one session cannot do so if the schedules overlap. “I think it’s better to increase the number of days for the event rather than limiting it as the audience should attend all the sessions. Apart from that LMM is a great event and platform for artists to express themselves.” All in all, from the attendees to the music, from the sessions to the public opinion, Lahore Music Meet 2018 definitely gave people a break they actually needed. It gave them the chance to just go out there enjoy their time, appreciate music, interact with their favourite artists or just headbang to their favourite songs. We certainly hope the next Music Meet is bigger and better than before. 40