GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 34

“ We had ‘Siyaah,’ the first horror film in Pakistan, and then we had Janaan that was recognised internationally in UK’s top ten list. Now we have Parchi being the first movie to be shown in the cinemas in Saudi after the lifting of the ban it’s a milestone for ARY Films and the industry overall. ” Ali: It’s great that our Saudi brothers and sisters will get to watch the film. It’s the first time a Pakistani movie is going there. I don’t think they even knew we had Pakistani films. It would be great for them to see a movie like Parchi. They will definitely get an idea that we can make exciting films and if there is an audience there then they will probably tune into Pakistani cinema more. How was the experience working for Parchi? Hareem: There were days where it was really overwhelming; acting and producing together. Then there were also days where I found it really hard and Imran would come up to me and say “Ho jaye ga yaar.” Imran: She has done a really great job. Producing and acting together is very difficult and she handled it perfectly. I can now say that I believe it when they say women are multi-taskers. Hareem: I would like to give it all to the team. ARY Films is one film house in the industry that doesn’t just say it believes in women empowerment, they implement it. It is different when your father, brother empowers you and it is different when a friend or a man in the field authorises you. Imran always puts me in the front. So it is not only about securing and encouraging them but actually empowering them.