GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 28

P R O F I L E Ethnic Pret By Asma Munir A sma Munir is a UAE based Pakistani fashion designer. Asma always wanted to be a fashion designer as a kid and dreamt of having her boutique. Her dream became a reality, and her hard work paid off, in 2009, when she opened her fashion store in Dubai. Asma is popular due to the quality of her fabrics, her design innovation and affordability. She produces high-quality designs of international standards under the supervision of trained fashion controllers. “In these nine years I faced a lot of obstacles, but I overcame them gradually,” she replied. “These small hindrances helped me gain more experience and skill,” Asma told. She has produced dresses for famous bloggers and took a step further to sign up with the upcoming Pakistani movie Aks starring the acclaimed actor Meera. PhotographY NAIMAZ Makeup ZOELLA HAIR MARIYAM NAZ JEWELLERY AMNA ZAIN MODEL MEERA 28