GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 27

C E L E B R I T Y With relatively newer names in the film industry, we asked Mahira how was it working with the cast of Verna, “the cast was great to work with. Majority of the cast was working in a film for the first time. However, I never questioned, ‘Oh no, why am I doing this?’ The scenes were not easy to shoot, it is a pretty intense film, and during such scenes, you need the support of the actor you are in frame with,” said Mahira while exchanging glances with Zarrar. “Sometimes, Shoaib sahab would say ‘this persona is so you’ which I am not at all,” Mahira continued, “But I feel it was his way to encourage us.” “I think it is a very positive thing to hear as an actor when the director actually sees the character in you,” added Zarrar. Seeing the spirited discussion between Mahira and Zarrar, we wondered if the chemistry and relationships shown in the film were transpired by onset friendships? “Whether it was Zarrar, Haroon or Naimal, they all handled everything so well. In fact, there “To be honest, Zarrar and I Back then, every day we is a scene in the film were not friends before this that is shot on a boat, would go live and just be [K[H[&][˜[ZXZX\›]X ]X[H[Y\8'B\[\¸$š]\B\]\\[“XZ\HZY Z[[8'Y][KHHY[Y[H[[X]Z[HHH[B]H[YܝXK\[\ˈH]BX\YYY܂Y\XX\[\\ˈHY&]][]Y]YXX\&\\ܛX[\8'H\ܚXYZX\H[\]\H[\\X\[XZ\H]\\۝وۙH[\[\ܛKH\BY[و\K'BYZ[XZ\x&\^][Y[X]HڙX B\Y\Y\H\H[H[[Y[[ܘXH\H[Z[\Y H\YXZ\HY\H\›[Y[\HHH] 8'H[\[[][HZ\\X]Z[H[Y\B[H]\\H[\[\[HH]H\Y][H\\H[[ܜܘ]BܚY[[H[ۋ\\[\]H]H[\ٙ\[ۈ\[X܋HX[YY\BY[ۋ8'HHZY]H]Y YY\[H\[ZY 8'[Hۛ\BH\ۙ\ H[H[HHۙ\ 'Y][Y\HH\[H]Y[[HYK]\YK8'HHZY X[[X›]Y [H[ۜ[HܜH]H[\Z\]HYZ[K8'؝[\KB[][XH܈] ]ۙH[ [H[H][YK]][[H\H[HX][H[H[KH\[\Y]HYHوYHY\] [H\œ\YۈHZ\\H\H\ۈYH] 'BXܜ]Z]YYKH]\ۈY[˜[[ۙ[KHY][H\\]\8'X[]\H^HH[]H[\H\H[[H[H[H[&]]HY[H\[\8$]\H\[X]Z[BXH][]][\KY\\[H[Z]\\XX]H[K܈Z[H\Hۜ[H][[\Y]\H[H܈ H۸&]Z\]X]\HH[›ۙۋY[\K'B[H]H[\Y]^KH[H^\[[]\HH[H[܈[\Y]H[^BH\YXZ\H[\\Y^H[ZH]H[[H[Y 'HH^Z[Y [H[][X]Z\\X\XXZ\H\XY[[K8'\H\X\[H[ H\YXZ\HYH\[BH۸&][H[[H[][X]\KY\YH܈\XY\XHX\[B\\&\K]\\\\\H\YY 8'HH[H[HXY[H[\Y]ˈB[ۙH]ۋ[[H\\'H\Y[ZHZH\ܝ[]H[[XZ\H\H\Y\\8'^Hx'HZY[وݙH[HXY\ˈH]H[^\–\\8'H[&]ZH[][]و[[XZ]YHو\XX][ۋ[HۛH^B^H\X\]\\\X ]\\Y]HX\ܚ\\HZ\H]\H\[]YK'B]H\ 'B''B