GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 21

E X C L U S I V E Junaid Khan My New Year’s resolution is to move towards becoming a better human being by being more kind and compassionate towards others. Ayaz Samoo I am not really a true believer in New Year resolutions. If I really look up to do something in my life, I wouldn’t wait for an entire year to make a promise to myself. Regardless of that, I will try to be a better person altogether than I have been. Agha Ali My only New Year’s resolution is that I will give more time or at least equal time to music, as much as I give to my acting career. I have been away from making music, but now I am back into it, and I want to keep a good balance between the two. Juggan Kazim To take 5 minutes every day to slow down, catch my breath and thank God for all the beautiful things in my life Mustafa Zahid My New Year’s resolution since last few years has been to make a happy song. I am going to try it one more time! Maham Aamir Urwa Hocane To follow my heart, that has always been my resolution. Munib Nawaz To work hard, look good, achieve my goals and to live and let live. My New Year’s resolution is to grow as an individual, an intellectual and an inspirational entity. 21