GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 20

E X C L U S I V E Ahsan Khan My New Year’s resolution as always is to think about others, spend time with less privileged people and take care of each other. This should not just be a New Year’s resolution, but it should always be on our minds. Meera In 2018, I would like to start a campaign for my hospital and do some charity events. I will also become socially active and be more present on my social media platforms. Lastly, I will be a part of some big projects this year, including Aks The Movie, and other big names that will be announced in the future. Ahmad Ali Butt This year, I am planning to be healthier and more active when it comes to environmental issues. I think it’s essential that we take this seriously as we only have one earth, so all of us need to do our part in being greener. I am also planning to start my own film soon in sha Allah. Abrar Ul Haq My New Year’s resolution is to start the world’s biggest social welfare project under the banner of Sahara for which I will need prayers of all who believe in humanity. Please pray for our success. 2018 NEW YEAR’S resolutionS GLOSS asked a few artists about their New Year’s resolution. Read on and see what your favourite star had to say. 20 Neelum Munir To do good for Pakistan and to work for deserving people.