GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 18

“The girl continued sobbing as she told me how I have been an inspiration to her during her tough times in life; thus, knowing that being an inspiration to anyone and positively changing their lives gives you inner peace,” she described. This incident led us to the conversation where we asked her about celebrities endorsing social causes as seen in other countries, to which she responded, “One can only make a difference to their surroundings by being their better versions.” “I am the ambassador for Pakistan’s Women Protection Bill that was passed in 2016, I have also been associated with Seed Out, so I think I am doing my part right for the society as an individual.” “ One can only make a difference to the surroundings by being their better versions. ” “Things like these count as lifetime achievements for me. I feel glad when I see people around me happy. I would say I am a happy soul especially after having experienced the darker side early in my life.” As we concluded the interview, Humaima advised our readers to stay positive and help each other. She also encouraged everyone to stand up against the wrong, especially cyberbullying. Being a victim herself, she emphasised that people have no right to make another feel bad or hurt them in any way. “Individuals who write such harsh comments and make a judgment on people’s lives just by sitting across the screen need to realise that the negative comments can have a huge impact on someone.” “Life is all about being generous, live and let live,” she concluded. 18