GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 17

C E L E B R I T Y Moving on to her latest project, the most anticipated movies of 2017, Arth: The Destination; Humaima told us that she was hesitant to take up the role as the original is based on Mahesh Bhatt’s affair with Parveen Babi and being on good terms with the Bhatt’s, Malick did not want to be criticised. “I did not want to be criticised for the role by anyone as I am on good terms with Mahesh Bhatt and his family,” she revealed. “Shaan kept persuading me to take up the role,” Humaima told. “It was after a year that I decided togo ahead with the project as a new challenge, as I knew it was going to be a great experience. It would give me a chance to grow and bring something new to the table for the Pakistani industry.” she added. Media comparisons to the original was a given as Arth was one of the blockbusters back then. “When I agreed to do the role, Shaan told me that I was not made for the character I played, but the character was made for me,” Humaima said. “This motivated me to play my namesake who is fearless and a little crazy, like me,” she continued. “Apart from being crazy, my character and I both are very emotional, very spontaneous, dramatic and sometimes even hysterical,” Malick said. Shot in Lahore, London, Bristol and Scotland, Arth 2 has been a roller coaster for everyone who has been part of the movie. “Arth has been very challenging and has taken a lot from me; emotionally.” “I met some amazing people there, who became my family,” she told GLOSS. “There were times when I did not have scenes to shoot, but the director would call me on the sets to give the energetic vibes.” Humaima while talking about working with Shaan said, “He has been a mentor to me throughout. From teaching me to feeding me and making me laugh, the experience has been amazing and mesmerising,” She said. Humaima recalled that every incident on the set is very special to her. “Shaan is an institution himself, and I am fortunate to have worked with him.” Every senior in the industry has something to teach not only by giving verbal advice but by practically showing the juniors how it is done. It is evident that people look up to you for influence if you are a celebrity, )ѡѠ]܁ѡЁ͡ѡչٕ́䁥хЁ͔)Ё́ͽѡѡЁх́ݥѠѡɕٕȰͽݡɔѡՉ̸͍)!յɅѕՍЁݡɔ͡ЁѡЁ͡ɕ+q ٕٽ́ɕѠȁѡɽ՝иЁѡɕЁ3e=ɕ)Aɥ́͡]ѕ$ݕɔхݡɰ啱䁹)՝хѕ她t+q ɱ䰁́ݕɔ͕ЁݡЁ͡ͅЁ͡Ё݅)ɕͅѥ͙她Ѽ܁ѡЁ$ɕt͡ѥՕ(