GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 68

H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S 10 COLOUR COMBINATION SECRETS ONLY EXPERTS WOULD KNOW Sharon Jutla is an international award winning designer and passionate storyteller. Through her dynamism and creativity, Sharon’s ability to bring her clients’ ideas into life is unrivaled. Her work is inspired by culture, history, fashion, and the story that clients want to tell. Here she tells us about colour combination sthat can turn any room into an exciting space. The year 2017 has witnessed countless of bold, brave and truly inspiring designs and colours. Unlike before, we have seen designers pair fabulous colours together that normally would not be paired; and truth be told, it has been both exciting and astonishing. maintaining the soft and welcoming feel. Charcoal & Burnt Orange For the more modern interior lovers, these colours are perfect for living rooms, master bedrooms, guest rooms and even kitchens. They create a gender-neutral If you are looking to redesign your space and ready atmosphere ensuring that whoever enters the room to take the plunge into something new and thrilling, would receive a breeze of equality, modernity and last you will find the below 10 colour combinations to be but not least, freshness. exactly that. Teal & Copper Hot Pink & Mint Green Paint your ceilings in oceanic teal and pair it with copper Most people prefer soft pink with mint green as it gives walls, viola, you now have a very stylish, edgy and warm off a soft and welcoming vibe; but how about replacing space. These colours make for a perfect kitchen or soft pink with hot pink and creating a more dramatic working space; they make chores and tasks a little more contrast that will add intensity to your space all while pleasant and classy. 68