GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 63

I N F O C U S Panchali Gupta BabbeR Pageant . Movies . Success What responsibilities lie on a pageant holder What is your typical day like? My typical day starts with waking up to two hungry once crowned? Winning the crown comes with a lot of responsibilities. In an instant, you are in the public eye and become a role model for many aspiring beauty  queens. How a winner conducts herself is very important. Apart from that, she should use the platform for causes close to her heart and carry out her duties with integrity. babies – my pets, Stella who is a dog and Cuddles a cat. After feeding them, I catch up on current affairs, do regular household chores and go to the gym. My social calendar is also often full so there is something every day. What according to you is a beauty queen? I love to cook for my family and friends. I also enjoy spending time outdoors. A beauty queen is a woman of substance and one who is strong and confident. Besides modeling what is it that keeps you busy? How difficult is it to prepare for a pageant? They say that there is a woman behind a successful It is not the preparation to become a pageant title as much as your determination which can divert at times. man. Who is behind your success? I have been very lucky to have extremely encouraging people around in the beginning of my career. My mom was my support system and now I am blessed to have a very supportive husband, Vijay Babber who is also a freelance fashion stylist. H R7FG2'RWfW'Fpv6FFB6WfRRW7B&VWG&VVǒf7W6VBBFFBPVVBFFFvआrFRVWfCFVFgvBRvBBf"BWfW"6RW f7W2BF( BWBfW&RVFW&֖RRFr076&RbvRWBW"V'BB֖BFBऒv&WBBG'FVBvVfRfW'7FfPƖfW7GR2vVGf6Rf"FR'&VBBV'&V@vVWBFW&RvvVBƖRF'F6FP6FW7G2B6w2BR6&VW"WB`Cc0