GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 45

It is our humble approach to the music that we play. Another reason is that we have always aspired to hit that point of fame in the music industry and so we thought that whenever it happens, our name will bring a lot more irony to the situation. How does it work with only 3 band members competing with Kashmir who were 6 members at the Pepsi Battle Of the Bands? It is the holy trinity! To be honest, it was just the flow of nature and the chronological order of a few twisted events that converged all three of us in one jam room. Then we jammed a nd it sounded good. So everything just fell into place because of that. Three members basically translate into effective communication, simple yet impactful music, less hassle and obviously more money. Tell us more about the genre you play? Essentially, it is grunge; a sub-genre of alternative rock. In easier words, juxtapose Kurt Cobain over Sufism’s most expressive elements like ‘dhamaal’ and liberating poetry, and there you go. It is a mix of traditional music and contemporary rock. Had you performed as a band before? We have been a band for about ten years now and even though we had experienced performing on stage before, it was definitely not as big as a platform as the Pepsi Battle of the Bands. It gave us an opportunity to learn better and gave us enough exposure to kick start into the field now. inspired this message? We are trying to promote the message of peace and love through our music. We want people to look into one’s self and know that it is where all the answers lie. We are deeply inspired by Baba Bulleh Shah’s poetry and that is where we get our drive for music. What challenges and struggles did you face to dedicate your time to this competition? People call it struggles, but it is like giving a huge part of our lives to the cause of music and doing what we preferred over, time, money and jobs which is more than a struggle. How has the journey been from the very first performance at the Pepsi Battle of the Bands up After receiving so much popularity how does it till now? feel to be under the spotlight? Honestly, it has been a trip. We have experienced all sorts of human emotions possible. You name it and we have gone through it. From conditions ranging from extreme anxiety to embracing joy with our open arms, from individual feelings to collective isolation, from alienation in another city away from home (Karachi) to an all-out emotional unification with all the people from across the country. It has been a roller coaster ride we would say. How has your music changed or improved over the time? It feels great to be an aspiring rock band for people these days. We did not realise how much of an impact our music will have on the masses and it is amazing to receive such overwhelming response from everyone. Do you guys believe in experimenting with your music or stick to the rules? What we do is already experimental music, because it comprises of folk, rock, grunge and funk. What are your plans for future as a band and Over this time we would say that we are more confident in playing our music; especially now that we have a clear individual musicians? direction to where we are headed as a professional music We are going to continue what we do best; that is playing music. Not only that, we are hoping to play it in such a band. manner that makes it much more modern to the new generations. What is the message behind your music and what 45