GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 43

H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S Foundation. Thirty lads joined together to bring back the moustache trend – they raised zero money. Since the Foundation gained traction, it has raised over 769 million dollars and has even funded over 1,200 The next year though, 480 people came and took part projects focused on prostate and testicular cancer as well and worked together to raise £30,710 for prostate as mental health and suicide prevention. cancer research. The money was donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) which, at that Around five million people – Mo Bros and Mo Sistas time, was the largest donation ever received by the – take part annually in at least 21 countries including organisation. Austria, Denmark, UK, USA, South Africa, and Norway. Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE,) unfortunately, are not officially on the list due to the lack of Movember projects and support but that’s where you come in. “When it comes to health, there are too many men who do not talk, do not take action, and then die too young” Since then, the trend has taken the world by storm. The Foundation now ranks at 49 among the top 500 non- governmental organisations in the world and aims to cut the number of men dying prematurely by a quarter by the year 2030. Your Helping Hand So what can you do? Arguably, most men in Pakistan and in the UAE are already sporting moustaches, but the real commitment to the cause is start fresh. Shave it all off: the stache, the sideburns and the beard and spend the next 30 days grooming a new mo. For women, feel free to attempt to grow a stache as well but odds are success will be out of reach. Instead, why not plan a fundraising event? This campaign still needs to settle into Pakistan and the UAE, and what better way is there to raise awareness than hosting an event. If It is regarded to be the only global charity focused you really cannot shake the need to have a stache, invest solely on men’s health. The Foundation works to raise in a few stick-ons for some fun during the event. funds in an effort to bring about innovation through breakthrough research and support programmes to help Another way to commit is to commit to your own men live happier, healthier, and longer lives. health and thus inspire others to do the same. Set up a community fitness event to rile everyone up and help Activities run year-long but reach their peak in November them understand the importance of good health in a with the Movember campaign calling for men to start long life. clean shaven on 1 November and commit to growing a moustache for the next 30 days. The campaign is widely You also have the option to straight-up donate to the recognised and heralded for its fun, unique approach to cause. Visit for more information on fundraising and enabling men to take action for their the campaign, and how you can help out. health. 43