GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 34

T I P S #BLOGGERSTIPS in and help calm irritated sk s tie er op pr y or at m Rose water’s anti infla d prevent breakouts. can reduce redness an ray it right e and refridgerate. Sp ttl bo y ra sp a in r te stant glow. Pour some rose wa s and to give you an in re po en op k rin sh to after a shower y. Rub a ter in an icecube tra wa se ro e ez fre n ca u the Alternatively, yo have been exposed to u yo en wh ce fa ur yo rosewater icecube on . ly give you a fresh face nt sta heat outside to in Zainab Khan @maquillagebyzainab you Always remember to exfoliate, even if only do so once a week. e There is no point spending larg and amounts of money on fancy serums r you as e, moisturisers if you don’t exfoliat skin then cannot absorb them. you Think of those dead skin cells as all would a coat of armour, stopping a er Eith . the goodness from penetrating t! physical or chemical exfoliator is grea Before applying makeup, use a good toner and moisturise the skin. Apply light and natural products as makeup damages skin in the long run. Incorporate products which have aloe vera, tea tree oil, vitamin C and E in your makeup and skin care routine. It will keep your skin young and alive.   Apoorva Sharma @audacious_apoorva Siobhan Yeatman @sugarspiceblog2 .net to get featured Email mail@glossmag or #tipsglossmag on Instagram 22 34 28