GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 22

I N F O C U S “Film medium is an art because it is your own expression and vision without incorporating music, and a whole lot of glamour.” As he links this to his objective to mentor young artists; he thinks that a lot of glamour that is added to this medium is a means of complexity for these newer kids. “We are supposed to teach the kids that film medium is an art, it teaches people the way of acting.” “I am also working on projects like fashion photography and music videos that are going on simultaneously.” Looking at the bigger picture Hamza wants to work in the European Cinema. “European Cinema is where experimental cinema starts from and I am a huge fan of that.” “The places where directors like Xavier Dolan, Alfred Hitchcock come from.” “Xavier Dolan and Wes Anderson are my biggest inspirations because they work on dysfunctional relationships.” He tells us about his thesis, which is inspired by these directors and is about a dysfunctional relationship between a father and a daughter lost in a jungle. After being robbed of everything, they now have to survive and this eventually brings them together. ”Dysfunctional relationships and drama are my favourite genres to work on.” Thus, bringing us to the topic of working in Hollywood or Bollywood. We sit at the café conversing why Pakistani cinema isn’t progressing as much despite films being made every year. “Pakistani cinema blindly follows Hollywood and Bollywood, but fail to promote our culture, which in fact is very rich.” 22