GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 21

C E L E B R I T Y project and actually creating art are two different than just promoting the brand, which has become a things.” norm now and no one realizes that ideas are dying.” “Film, dance and music is not considered art in the Not discouraging commercial project he says that at society we live in. It is only limited to sketching and least one project should be worked on for the sake of painting. To change that mentality is what I aim at creativity and art. doing right after I graduate.” He tells us how if he is given an emotion he can make While talking about the recent fashion films and a 10-minute long video out of it. Thus, coming to his brand advertisements, he shows his dissatisfaction how latest project, a video depicting the emotion depressed. nothing new is coming to the market. “Give me a camera, a lens, and an actor. I can make an “People are not thinking out of the box, no one is entire video without using glamorous elements, which actually putting in an effort to generate ideas, rather are very common these days.” 20