GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 20

I N F O C U S Film, dance and music is not considered art, in the society we live in. It is only limited to sketching and painting. to the lights going on and off, his queue when he is Hamza being a talented man himself is keen on supposed to walk in, to the improvising he had to do educating children and changing the perception of due to a technical error. artists in our society. “I was supposed to open the play while cleaning the restaurant and turn the open tag on the door. There was a technical error at that point and I froze, but within seconds I knew that this is where I had to improvise.” For educating the children he is working on arranging schools and funds for them so that they learn the basics. Not only that, he is planning to address this cause at the government level as well. “Just when the lights came back on again, I re-enacted “The kids who work the entire day should get a chance to the whole beginning all over again and at the end, it all learn as well. It is better to get three hours of education paid off when the audience gave a standing ovation and than to get no education at all.” even the director was impressed.” “I want to tell people that if they are willing to help with “Another scene where I came back to reality from the funds, then it will be in for a good cause. We will get imagining kneading the dough with the woman I love, some NGOs on board as well.” but could not tell her anything. Within a span of 10 seconds, the lights went on and off twice as we changed “Eventually, I know that we will have all this worked out the act.” because I have seen people donate and they will donate more when they know their money is being put to good “During this, I stepped on my wiper and it broke. I use.” fixed it in the dark and almost escaped the wooden planks that were about to fall on me. When the lights Moreover, when it comes to changing the perception of went back on I was in my position at the restaurant. young musicians, Hamza is willing to be the mentor for So, if in my first play I could do this when everyone these kids; which a lot of artists didn’t have. was watching, I believe I can conquer anything, it’s all about improvising, focusing on what you are doing at “Being in the field, we know that it is not as good as the moment and learning at each step.” it looks. There are flaws, but my aim is to make sure I promote these youngsters to learn how to dream and “This is one of the many reasons I love theatre.” make it big.” While talking about his theatre experience, Hamza laughs and remembers a funny incident on the set when he was shooting for a video and the actors were to do a romantic. “When I receive messages on Instagram about my work, how I made it this far, I make sure I reply; even if it is a silly question. Because if they question they will learn and the day they stop questioning, they stop learning.” “The actor got so awkward that he started to tremble as Being the only artist in the entire family, Hamza knows he pulled the actress closer. Then I had to show them the struggle, which is why he is willing to take this step how it is done using a male model and everyone on the for the aspiring artists. set started clapping.” “Being an artist myself, I know that there needs to be “Thank god he improvised the next time and got it a balance of everything. In our society, very few know right.” how to keep a balance of things. Taking up a commercial 20