GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 18

I N F O C U S BRINGING IDEAS TO LIFE In conversation with Hamza Khan Baande Text By Saneela Jawad Photography Kazim Hamayun The story of an artist in Pakistan is a struggling one. Creative minds need to explore their talent, but the common mindset of the Pakistani society does not allow them to do so, rather dismiss the industry. Similar is the story of a young man in his twenties, Hamza Khan Baande, a filmmaker, fashion photographer, theatre artist, vocalist and dance performer who started off as a fine artist at a very young age. Known to be a visualizer and an observer, he turned this passion into film-making after he joined the National College of Arts (NCA.) GLOSS caught up with the young talent to know more about his work and his journey ever since he started. situation. “I remember the first time I held a camera during a shoot with a friend, the battery ran out and he told me to change. I did not know how to get the battery out, when I asked him how to, I was told to figure it out on my own and he used the other camera for the shoot.” Hamza says that he learned a lesson that day, learning is an important part of your life and it is something that sticks with you for the rest of your life. “By the time I figured out how to change the battery the shoot was over but had my friend told me how “Like any Pakistani parents, my parents wanted to remove it without struggling, I wouldn’t have me to stay away from this field and do something learnt it. Absorbing things is easier when you do technical; and so, I graduated with a degree in them yourself.” Computer Engineering” Hamza tells us as we sip on our coffees at a local café. During the interview, we realise that this man is going to go places when we ask how he manages all Despite being the youngest kid in the house, Hamza the skills as a theatre artist and fashion photographer? recalls all the effort that went into convincing his This is when he tells us about his journey at NCA. parents to do something that he had a passion for; photography and film-making. We have seen that artists like to explore and learn new things every day in their lives so that they can While recalling the incidents, Hamza said, “In the go out there and create masterpieces. So, was the process of convincing my parents, they shaved my case with Hamza, who initially joined NCA for a head among other things, for wanting to do this, photography course. yet I was determined and so it eventually happened. I joined NCA, started professional work and now “I had an idea about photography when I joined they listen to my day-to-day work stories with the university, so in a year I learnt all that there pride.” was I needed to know; the techniques, film-making etcetera and I was done. There was nothing new Everyone faces ups and downs in their career, coming my way after this.” but this man has been struggling from the very beginning, so the need to struggle is what drives “Thus, I joined theatre and then acting, and after him to do more and is his source of energy in every acting, I realized I can manage to direct too.” 18