GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 14

S P O T L I G H T reasonable cost is always troublesome for them. The objective of these early shows is to showcase brands that are reasonable yet popular. Designers like IVY and Farah & Fatima have made their names in the industry because of their prĂȘt wear and shoes respectively. As they showcased their bridal wear in this PLBW edition, it gave them a chance to add the experience to their portfolio, thus increasing their current clientele. This not only adds to their reputation in the market but provides them with a chance to get more exposure and an opportunity to expand their business. However, when you compare these to the late evening shows, that space is usually given to veteran designers who showcase their new collection as they deserve the prestige. Brands like Ali Xeeshan, Fahad Husayn, HSY and so forth have spent years in the industry shaping new trends in the scene. They are known to be the maestros of bridalwear because they have been in the industry for that long. Platforms like PLBW is simply a chance for them to bring forth their new collections and trends. These designers are known to add a certain style and glamour, yet never lose the actual essence of the collection. The introduction of this format seems to have worked as the show was more organised and the relevant audience was present for each segment. With every passing edition, PFDC keeps raising the bar for the industry and keeps its focus on the business of fashion intact. 14