GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 3 - 2017 - Page 66

B E A U T Y All You Need To Know About Fra grances And Perfumes en and women alike have their own purposes same on you. for using fragrances. Some just like to smell good, as it enhances their well-being. There is something that biochemists and manufacturers of perfumes alike call the signature Some use perfume to make a grand statement as they scent. This signature scent refers to the particular enter a room and to leave an impression as they go chemical makeup of the body, which dictates how out. Some enhance their own natural scent with our skin will take to any fragrance that we apply. perfume so they would appealing to the opposite We all have unique signature scents because it is sex. There are many reasons as to why people use determined by our particular lifestyle habits and fragrances. choices, diet, the medication that we take, our skin type and colouring, and many other factors. Thus, because of the signature scent, a specific fragrance Unique Si gnature Scents will smell differently on different people. When you buy perfumes, you have to be careful. It is very unwise to just pick up a bottle and head off to The Three Elements of Fra grance the counter to buy that fragrance. You have to test it on your skin first. Not only is it possible that you The scent of a perfume is determined by three could be allergic to some perfumes, but a fragrance elements: the theme of the fragrance, its notes and its that smells nice on one person will not smell the concentration. Knowing about these three elements M 66